Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Black Adam The Dark Age - Peter Tomasi

52 made and destroyed Black Adam completely. 52 was extremely well written. A dictator villain find love and slowly changes. He has the beginnings of a family with his wife and her brother. And then tragedy strikes , wife and wife's brother are killed and he snaps to become worse than ever. Typical Schwarzenegger movie, but what makes a difference is when Isis dies , she tells him that all they worked for , all the love , all the forgiveness, all the better way are all wrong, the world doesn't deserve it, and in that instant you see everything from Black Adam's view , and who has betrayed him aren't only Isis' killers, but Isis herself and this story goes from a revenge story to an epic shakespearean tragedy.
And after killing an entire city (or was it country) Black Adam without powers is trying to reunite with his dead wife. Does it match upto 52? not even close. But it is very well written and has ingredients of horror and tragedy but somehow it doesnt have the emotional attachment that made 52 so great. So a very very good book , just not great