Sunday, January 09, 2005

Round And About - BusyBee

There never was a writer like BusyBee. There never will be a writer like BusyBee.
I forget who said this , but it is obviously true.
Round And About is the column BusyBee aka Behram Contractor wrote for 36 years in Free Press Journal, Mid Day and the Afternoon. Though there are a couple of articles which say that everyone mistakes Behram Contractor for BusyBee but no one mistakes BusyBee for Behram contractor!
The columns dealt with event in Mumbai and India , food, cricket and anything else that BusyBee might put his mind to. The Articles were Simple, Humorous,Sometimes with gentle criticism but so gentle that you could not really call it criticism, Sometimes with a dash of sarcasm,were always eminently readable.
If he wanted to make a point about Azharuddin or Kapil Dev he would write an interview with the Cricket fan or the Cricket Stadium , and in the end you would end up laughing at the Cricketer , at the Fan , at the BCCI , but not really at them.
If he wanted to say anything of Bal Thackeray and the Shiv Sena Government he would end up pointing his remote control at the TV and ending up with Manohar Joshi on Channel 1 and Gopinath Munde on channel 2. You can picture the bespectacled BusyBee in his T Shirt and jeans with the befuddled expression on his face wanting to watch the latest cricket match and ending up with Manohar Joshi in the mantralaya and you cannot help but laugh.
If R. K. Laxmans common man had to look different , it would be have to be BusyBee even though BusyBee was anything but common. There was no one who understood the average Mumbaikar(or should i say Bombayite) better than BusyBee and as Bombayites' go there were few better than BusyBee.

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