Saturday, April 09, 2005

Lord Emsworth and the Girlfriend - PG Wodehouse

Rudyard Kipling called this The Perfect Short Story.
And it is.
There isnt much more to say about this other than this short story has the one instance when Lord Emsworth stands up to his Gardener and His Sister.
The scene wherein the little girl slips her hand into his giving Emsworth the courage he needs is stunning for the visual imagery that it draws in your mind.Picture a western where the lone hero is about to face the rampaging hordes. Its sunset and you can see mostly silhouettes , the hero is resigned to his fate and then a child puts her hand in his and grips it tightly. Your viewpoint is from their back and suddenly the hero draws himself together stands upright and you know then that he is invincible today.
I think that only Uncle Fred Flits By comes close to matching this story

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