Sunday, December 11, 2005

The diary of a young girl - Anne Frank

Im not quite sure how to describe this book. Its title says the diary of a young girl but Anne cannot be categorized that simply as a young girl (which she is) and much more.
An introspective self indulgent diary , but but but it has a quality in it which touches and moves and you. And you finish the book with the sense that this girl should have lived (and she does) and you cant help but feel anger at the perpetrators of war and hatred and the havoc they wring. But anne is still cheerful(most times) through it all and maybe that’s another lesson to learn.
Does she really love peter? Probably not.  
There are doubts on the veracity of this book and while reading the last 4-5 essays I felt it as well. But does it matter whether anne wrote the diary or her father. ? No it doesn’t the book would touch you anyway and would have things you can learn from it.

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