Sunday, December 24, 2006

Next - Michael Crichton

This novel is reminiscient of some of crichtons best works (sphere) where he blended a lot of real science with good fiction. However as most of his later works there is a distinct tendency to make the reader aware of issues that face us. The novel is told with a multitud of characters who are loosely related to each other , and a lot of parallel stories unfold each touching on a different aspect of gene research. Should genes be patented? What forms of research are (un)ethical? Can the current laws cope with the science that exists today? Is the commercialization of universities harmful? these are only some of the questions which will get raised when you read the book. Crichton ofcourse has his own opinions and the best part is that he does write them down at the end and lists all his references. The fiction part of the book however suffers a little and is probably not crichtons best. But the book is still quite an engaging read.

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