Saturday, May 28, 2005

5 Russian Masters

This is a collection of short stories by the following writers, Chekov,Tolstoy,Dostevsky,Maxim Gorky and Ivan Turgenev. There is really no way to describe this collection of short stories each story is sufficiently distinct from the other so to comment on this book as a whole is pointless.
The best writers are Tolstoy and Gorky (and the two stories that stand out in my memory are Ivan the fool and The travelling companion). Most of Chekov's stories lose me. I feel that the author has some point to make which i cannot grasp.(See what you can make out of the first story)
Most of the stories are sad, even tragic sometimes. Perhaps a reflection of the times the authors lived in. However there is a haunting quality to some of the stories that can't really be described
Go ahead read the book!

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