Friday, May 13, 2005

Ignited Minds - APJ Abdul Kalam

This book is a continuation from India Vision 2020 (which i havent read) and also picks up some threads from Wings of Fire. Kalam makes some suggestions on how to arrive at his vision for India.Kalam recognises as do I that the only way for India(or any country) to progress, to develop the only answer lies in the youth of the country and the the things that they can accomplish if allowed to do so, if taught to do so. It is of course a lot more difficult to do this even as i have found out in practise.Kalam writes in the same vein as he did Wings of fire. Anecdotes from his life which got him thinking and ruminations on the same which makes for an interesting read as it includes opinions of people from varied strata of Indian Society.His interest in meeting the young people and the questions and answers that he gets from them which have the unadulterated innocence are a pleasant read in themselves.However there are also a number of instances where the author and i differ significantly in our views which cause some chapters to jar. Kalams belief in the spiritual side of things, his willingness to listen to the sadhus/mullahs/saints/godmen which i would say are the cause of a number of problems in India. The willingness of people to entertain these people and listen to them with blind faith. Also the extra emphasis on India,India is paradoxical. Kalam wants us to get rid of our prejudices and think of ourselves as Indians. Shouldnt that be Earthlings? or universites? (is that the right word). For humanity to succeed on the whole we have to get of all our prejudices and The country that we are citizens of is one of them. The book is definitely wortha read. It makes you think on a wide variety of things. Which means it has partly accomplished some of its goals. the only thing left is of course to act.

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