Saturday, November 05, 2005

State of Fear - Michael Crichton

Its nowhere near as good as Andromeda Strain or Sphere. In fact it has an unbelievable(As in bad) plot. It doesnt have the pace or the suspense of his earlier novels and most of the novel seems forced. And this is still money well spent. Do you like the environment? do you want to preserve it? do you think the industry-politico-underworld nexus are slowly destroying our environment?. Read the book some eyeopeners here. Not that I believe everything in the book is true but like the author says everyone has an agenda except me.
The problem with the book is similar to Da Vinci Code. The author had a statement to make and the the fictional part of the book is written around this statement. So while the statement may be an astonishing one, the fictional part of the book suffers. In this case its the whole Does Global warming really exist question with an impressive array of charts to prove that it may not. Other facts!? regarding the environmental issues that may cause people to reconsider their stand on some issues.
This book though is redeemed by The author's statement at the end which clearly states where he stands (like mike carey as opposed to a scott adams!)
Maybe crichton is right about the some of the issues he raises. But i remember reading about Carl Sagan and his arguments regarding the industries reaction to the ozone layer problem. The industries said it couldnt be proved, that the proof show no signficant impacts etc etc and they stalled for years. And his point was if you werent sure about something so important wouldnt you choose the safe option?

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