Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Crooked Little Vein : Warren Ellis

Warren Ellis writes some good comics. Mostly disturbing and horrific but good comics all the same. Sadly it doesnt translate into novel form. There are places where you can recognize the ellis touches, the bits of humor, the disgusting bits, the weird , the outrageous but all in all this book doesnt really go into any detail of its main plot.
A down and out detective is a 'shit magnet' and is hired to trace the alternate consititution of the USA and undertakes a journey through the darkest underbelly of the America and face myriad acts of depravity , some of which are mainstream in the Internet. Though Ellis does have some important points he could have elaborated on to make this book a lot deeper, he settles for cheap shocks and thrills and the end impression is of a shallow book.

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