Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Michael Moore is a big fat stupid white man : David Hardy , Jason Clarke

The second right wing book (though the book says dont dismiss it as right wing propaganda) that i've read and atleast its far better written than Coulter's. It seems to be a collection of articles and is therefore a bit repititive in places. It's aim is to prove that michael moore is a hippocrite (probably), lies and misleads folks (maybe) and edits(probably) and doctors the footage(maybe) for his movies.
a lot of the examples provided though seem to be Michael says this, this other person who was present says this, we believe the other person. Or The watch in Charlton heston's house showed 26 inutes elapsed but Michael only hs 6 minutes shown in Bowling for columbine, what was he doing in the not shown footage etc etc. A few are probably true where Michael has been caught (if the evidence provided in the book is true) but that doesnt really come as a surprise.
All in all though this book is pointless.
a. If you are a michael moore fan, this book will probably come across as an attempt to discredit Moore , and you arent going to buy their side of the story.
b. If you are a right wing person, you already know that Michael Moore lies so this book wont tel you anything new.
c. if you are a reasonable person who bother's more about the core issue's that Moore tackles namely
1. Does America have a gun problem (yes)
2. Did G W Bush and co. lie to the public to take them to war (probably yes). And did they have motives other than WMD's and democracy for Iraq(yes)
3. Is Health Care in the USA screwed up (yes)
Then this book doesn't address these issues. Solely that Michael lies and cheats and misleads and rants.
A good balance to moore's work , but not useful in any way

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