Friday, December 14, 2007

Lies and the Lying Liars who tell them : Al Franken

Its quite interesting comparing this book (exposing the lies told by right wing pundits and republicans) to the one by Ann Coulter. Both have agendas. Both try to expose lies by the other side. Both are probably manipulating data to suit their interpretations. But one books funny and sound a lot more plausible and true and one is just a shrieking hysterical woman ranting at her favorite targets (knowing fully well that she makes her money this way). I guess the above shows that Im fairly liberal in my outlook. But keeping aside the truth of whats written, Al Franken has a much better sense of humor than Ann Coulter and presents his *facts* much better. It was quite satisfying to read him denouncing Ms Ann Coulter. (Hilarious to read his 'She's single and a good christian and he is so happy that she is saving herself for the right guy')
The book begins very well with him providing evidence of catching Ms Coulter, Bill O' Lielly , G W Bush and Dick Cheney in various lies, but halfway through the book he stops that and starts becoming more preachy or pushing his views on us, However there is still a lot of good things to be found in this book . Operation Chickenhawk is hilarious.
But this book also represents whats wrong with the american media in general. Everyone has an agenda and everyone is trying to manipulate you , the reader. No one really wants to presents facts, No one really wants you to judge for yourself (though you will find numerous examples of text that state these are the facts, you choose) and everyone makes money out of it. Which is the bottom line.
Read this book though , if only to find the Ann Coulter and the bullying Bill O' Lielly get theirs.

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